I did a little mini-makeover on our living room recently. I had the room painted a crisp white and decided to go bright and bold with the fabrics while leaving all of the existing furniture.

I can not get over how painting the room white has actually made the space feel more colorful. I plan to eventually swap out the gallery wall photos for some sort of artwork but I haven't come across the right piece yet. Once I find it I think this room will actually feel finished - at least for a little while!


Scenes from the Weekend


 Ours was great! How was yours?



For those of you that read this blog on my actual website you can see that there are some changes going on around here. (If you follow me through Google Reader things probably look the same but you can click through to my site if you are curious.)

I am working on rebranding my business and it is about to kill me! I don't know why I don't just hire someone to take over this sort of thing for me. But because I didn't, it is going to take a while for me to sort everything out so please ignore any formating/font/technical issues that you may see over the next few days! 

And because I hate pictureless posts, here is one of Hayes in the swing last week.

Whenever she pitches a fit I take her outside and swing her for a few minutes and her whole mood changes. I wish that worked for adults :)


Listen to the Mustn'ts, Child

Riley is quite the little book worm. From day one she has loved any and every kind of book. 

Even though she is only actually able to read a few two and three letter words at this point, she has been gravitating towards "real" books for a while now. Lately her favorite is Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

She even took it to school for Show and Tell yesterday.

I loved this book when I was a kid and it has been fun reaquainting myself with some of the poems. Each night before bed we fan through the pages and randomly stop at a few to read. 

I am thinking about framing one or two of them for her room. 

I am not sure which one I will choose but here are a few of our favorites:

Most of the time I am marveling at how much has changed since I was a kid and I often wonder if my daughters' childhoods will be anything like mine. It is nice to see that some things, like a great book, never lose their appeal.

Have a great weekend!


Do you Blurb?

 Photo storage is something I think about often. I actually feel an absurd amount of pressure to do something with all of my photos and sometimes it even keeps me up at night. Despite all of the time I spend thinking about photo storage, I can't seem to make a decision about the best way to accomplish this task and now the sheer number of photos on my computer completely overwhelms me.


I have gone back and forth over the years since Riley was born trying to figure out the best way to get these images off of my computer and into some sort of printed format. 


I have finally decided that Blurb is going to be my book of choice. At this point just making some sort of decision feels good.


I actually started a Blurb book over a year ago to capture my blog posts about Riley, family, etc., but I never finished it. Now I have decided to do a book for each year since Riley was born. It feels like it will be a full-time job getting organized and going through 3+ years of photos to get started. However, once I am caught up I am hoping it will be easy to create the books going forward. 

How do you display/save your photos? Are they in print or locked on your computer? Do you stress about things like this or am I in need of medication???


Road Trippin'

Hayes and I set off on our first adventure together last week when we hit the road to Nashville.

We were going to see my best friends from college and meet the newest member of our group.

This is Linus and even though this is a terribly blurry IPhone picture you can still see how sweet and perfect he is. 

The babies played for a while and then, like any good mothers would do, we took them to the local biergarden so the Moms could catch up.

Time with these girls always goes by way too fast and I don't understand how we ended up living so far away from each other. Maybe one day our dream of living side-by-side in NC will come true :) 

I decided to drive from Virginia to Nashville by way of Knoxville so that I could do some shopping along the way. Of course I managed to completely fill up the back of my car. 

I found a lot of great stuff and met a lot of really nice people along the way. Now I have to convince myself to part with some of my finds - that is always the hard part!


Good things come to those who wait

I have waited a long time (almost 2 years!) for this really good thing.

My basement bathroom renovation is featured in the latest issue of Real-Life Kitchens and Baths Magazine!

You can pick it up in stores now!


Getting There

Here is a peek at where things stand in Riley's room!

This project was quite an undertaking but she loves it so that makes it all worth it :) We aren't finished  with the rest of the room yet but a full reveal will be coming soon!


A week in pictures

This is what our week looked like. 

How was yours?


Quick Change

I found this white faux crocodile/snake/lizard (?) skin covered box in a thrift store recently.

It turns out it was a silverware box.

I didn't need a silverware box but I bought it anyway because I knew it would be an easy makeover project.

I tore out the insides and used them as a template to remake the inside of the box with new fabric and a stiff mat board.

Once I cut the pieces to size, I covered them with fabric and put the box back together.

I haven't decided yet how I am going to use it but I am considering using it on our coffee table to corral some of the mess that accumulates there. I love quick projects like this one. The whole process took under an hour and these days that is about all of the time I have!