Life in Pictures



Time is flying these days . Life has been busy trying to fit in Christmas activities with friends, weekends filled with birthday parties for Riley's classmates, a husband that has been traveling way too much and the beginnings of a huge new project with a client that is going to be so much fun ! Somehow the house is mostly decorated . I think my favorite item is the felted ball garland by Roost . So pretty and not overly Christmasy . I am definitely going to keep it out year round . (Here is a link to buy some felted ball garland of your own . I bought mine locally and didn't pay this much but this is the only place I found online .) I've also been gathering mounds of magnolia leaves with hopes of making some of my own garland . Paul brought the kids Advent calendars from Germany (one of his many recent trips) . Riley's is filled with jewelry and Hayes' is filled with chocolate so they are both happy . Our santa snow globe and all of our Christmas books have reappeared along with Howie, the elf . (Can you find him hiding in one of these pictures ? ) It is fun having them around the house again . A new addition to the house decor is a preserved boxwood . I've had my eye on them since spotting one in a Restoration Hardware catalog but I never got around to making the purchase . While out shopping the other day I came across one in a local shop and now I am kicking myself for not buying one sooner . I love having it on the kitchen counter and it is so low maintenance that even I can keep it looking good . And finally more progress in the barn ! The exterior and interior lights are hung and today I am working on the shelving . All that is left is organizing and unpacking which is the fun part, right ? Happy Monday !


Dear Santa



I am trying to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping this year and, as always, while shopping for others I came across several items that have made it onto my wish list. Santa, if you are listening, I would be thrilled to find any of these items under the tree this year!

1. Pot Scrubbing Brush

I keep a scouring pad in a bowl next to the kitchen sink and I can't believe how often I use it . A couple of these cute little brushes would look much prettier while still getting the job done . They actually sell a vegetable brush that could come in handy too. 

2. Cord Wrap

Everytime I step on the treadmill at the gym I spend the first few minutes untangling my ear buds before I can start my workout . With this niftly little cord wrap I'll be able to use that time to burn a few extra calories .

3. Skinny Mini Bow Studs

I love these little gold bows . Simple and classic .

4. Leather Colorblock Pouch

Most of the time I carry a big bag out of neccessity, but every once in a while I get out of the house without my kids. At times like that it would be a luxury to carry something small, lightweight and cute .

5. Anthropologie Woven Rhythms Tablecloth

I already own this tablecloth and used it at Thanksgiving this year but the pattern is so great and the fabric is so soft and light weight that I actually want another one . Picnic blanket, throw, bed spread...the possiblilities are endless !

6. Color-Fade Felted Basket

Pretty storage is always a win-win situation in my opinion .

7. Mini Wooden IPhone Speaker

I like to listen to music when I work but for some reason I don't like the sound to come out of my laptop speakers . I have no idea why but it really distracts me . A little mini speaker will allow me to have some distance from the sound without taking up much space in my office . The reviews of this speaker say it has impressive sound despite it's little size . 

What is on your Christmas list this year ?


Big and Little

Now that a lot of the big projects (like our kitchen !) are wrapping up, I have started to work on little projects around the house .

The little projects are the ones that make our home feel more personal to me . 

 Yesterday I spent some time in Riley's room working on a vanity area for her to display her jewelry . 

 She LOVES jewelry of any kind and has amassed quite a collection of plastic, beaded, sparkly baubles along with a huge pile of Silly Bands . 

Her poor jewelry box was stuffed so full that the lid no longer closed . 

In an effort to save the jewelry box I decided to display some of her necklaces and bracelets by hanging them on a pair of antlers that I attached to the wall . 

The remaining jewelry is stored in easy to reach containers on her desk . I like the way it looks because the colors add some punch to the room and you can get a sense of her personality by seeing the items that mean so much to her . She loves to sort the bracelets and rearrange the necklaces, etc . It is fun to see her have so much pride in her room . Plus it makes it easier to convince her to clean it up because she wants it to look "pretty" at all times . Ha .

And, back to the big projects, here is a sneak peek of our kitchen :

 We just had our backsplash installed this week . It is so close to being completely finished just in time for the holidays !



It's no secret that I tend to collect things and lately agate slices have been on my radar .

Once I had a decent amount I decided to frame them and cover the walls of our powder bath .  

There are 10 framed agates and once you are in the bathroom with the door closed it looks really pretty . 

It is so much better in person than in these pictures . Unfortunately I don't own a wide angle lens and this bathroom does not receive ANY natural light which makes for rather underwhelming pictures . You will just have to trust me that it looks pretty . 

 This room is the only room in our house that isn't painted white . For the most part I am loving the white walls but dark walls were needed in this space to contrast with the white frames and jewel-toned agates . 

Other changes to this bathroom are the light fixture and mirror  - the light fixture was in the guest bathroom at our old house and the gold mirror is a thrifting find . 

I like this sort of project because it is high impact and comes together quickly :) 


Pimlico Magazine

Pimlico Magazine was kind enough to ask me to participate in a table setting feature in their latest issue .

Click here to see my ideas and be sure to check out the other participants' beautiful settings as well !


Another trip to IKEA

We don't live close to an IKEA so it is an all day affair when we decide to visit one . Last weekend we made the trip to pick up a bunch of RIBBA frames for a project I am working on in our half bathroom .

IKEA is like Target in that we had very little on our list of items to buy and yet by the time we left we some how spent a ridiculous amount of money and had items such as this in our cart :


I have no idea how the kids convinced us to buy a giant stuffed elephant . 

At any rate I hope to finish the bathroom project today so I will do my best to have photos to share by the end of the week . Below is a photo of the bathroom in the listing before we moved in .

The sink and toilet did not change but pretty much everything else is different . Check back soon for the updates !


Happy Halloween


Our Halloween was pretty great this year - one party, two parades and trick or treating on the Lawn at UVa . This year's costumes consisted of a fairy princess for Riley and a repeat of Riley's clown costume from two years ago for Hayes . I think they both had a good time . Now if I can just make myself stay away from that Halloween candy ! 



I have never met a vintage wire basket I didn't like and I have them all over the house to prove it . Below are a few new additons I recently added to my collection .

 They are my favorite source for storage because they work in every room - office, kitchen, bathroom, playroom, etc . 

I love their versatility and I think they are much more interesting than most of the other storage options out there . They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors and are often pretty affordable . I always keep them on my radar when I am thrifting because I know I will eventually find somewhere to use them . 


A Day at the Races

Yesterday we attended the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville and had so much fun ! The races are held twice a year just down the road from our house .

It is basically an all day tailgate with 5 horse races and a Jack Russell Terrier race mixed in .

The fall races are more family oriented so they also have plenty of stuff for the kids . 

They even had pink chickens!

The races really are beautiful to watch  - such strength, speed and power .

(Obviously these pics are a bit blurry - I'm not sure if it is because they are moving so fast or if it is because the ground is shaking when they thunder past . )

This picture cracks me up !

The horse was so fast that by the time I got my camera up to my eye this was all I was able to capture ! 

Unfortunately the races ended on a bit of a sad note - one of the horses had a horrific fall during the last race right in front of us . Thankfully the jockey was okay but we are pretty sure the horse didn't make it . So sad ! I always DVR the Kentucky Derby for this very reason . If a horse gets hurt, I don't want to see it . Unfortunately there is nothing you can do when you are watching a live race .

Despite the tragic ending, the kids had a blast and we definitely plan to make this a yearly tradition ! Can you believe today is the first day of October ?!?


Catching Up

 Good morning ! How was your weekend ? Because I post so sporadically lately I feel like I am always playing catch up every time I write and I end up cramming a bunch of unrelated things into one big post . So please bear with me because this post will be no different :)  

We celebrated Paul's birthday yesterday . Men are so easy when it comes to their birthdays . Paul's only requests were good food, spending time with the girls and football . So we started things off with a big breakfast - bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, etc . 

Then we spent the afternoon running errands and finishing small projects around the house with the football games on in the background . Dinner was simple but so good and we were able to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather  . 

I didn't even have to make a cake . Paul's favorite dessert is brownies which are much easier to throw together. The girls helped blow out the candle and couldn't wait to dig in . 

It was a nice, relaxing day and we were happy to treat Paul with his favorite things . Hope you had a happy birthday, Paul !

As I mentioned the weather has been amazing lately so we are spending as much time as possible outside - eating meals, going to the park, etc . I took this picture of Riley and her friends, Jack and Mary Kate, running around while we were at dinner the other night . 

It was fun to see them rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt, looking at the stars,  getting yelled at for playing on the golf course (oops!) . . .

A few weeks ago I decided to set the girls up in the backyard to paint . All of my painting supplies are still packed away but I found their watercolors and bought a couple of canvases for them to work on . 

Hayes' masterpiece is below . 

She  seemed to be in a minimalist mood with her painting - probably because she was more interested in trying to eat the paintbrush than she was in painting with it . 

Riley was using all sorts of techniques and produced several paintings but this one is my favorite . 

It was a great way to spend the afternoon . Hopefully next time I can join in on the fun !

In other news, we are moving along on the kitchen updates . Hayes and I drove 2 hours each way last week to pick out the slabs for our new countertops . The decision only took about 10 minutes but it was worth it to see everything in person . Here is one of the slabs I picked .

I can not wait for it to be installed !