Week in Pictures

Paul was traveling the first half of this week which always makes for a long week . The girls and I had our tradition of breakfast for dinner but this time we kicked things up a notch . 

I posted about this idea a long time ago but this is the first time I actually did it . Riley loved it and now I don't think plain pancakes are going to cut it anymore . I also pulled out my sewing machine for the first time in almost a year . I know just enough about sewing to annoy myself . I'm too stubborn / impatient to take small projects around my house to a seamstress but then I only notice all of the flaws in my completed work . I think if i sewed on a more consistent basis things would get easier but I tend to sew once every 3 - 4 months so I feel like I spend half a day relearning basic skills . It is always a frustrating experience but the end result will do for now .  

Sweet Ivy is growing like a weed . She is already almost 25 lbs . I've been working with a trainer and she is doing really well but she definitely keeps me busy ! 

After a long week I am looking forward to some fun this weekend . I think we are going to start things off by going to see Silver Linings Playbook tonight . 

I've heard such good things about it - hopefully it will live up to my expectations ! Have a good weekend ! 


Screened Porch

Serenbe via Southern Hospitality

Via Spiked Sweet Tea


Michael Graydon Photography

Atlanta Home Magazine

One of the projects on our list for this spring is to screen in our back porches . Last year the mosquitos were unbearable so I can't wait to get this done ! I've never lived in a house with a screened porch but I imagine it will become one of my favorite parts of our house . These images make me so ready for Spring . Can I just say that February is absolutely my LEAST favorite month of the year ? Anyone else with me ?


I finally Blurbed!

I finally got around to making my first Blurb book that I originally talked about here .

(I used one of Hayes' paintings for the cover art .)

I ended up giving them out as Christmas presents to my family so I couldn't post about it immediately after I finished it and then I totally forgot about it . I have InDesign so I was able to have complete control of the layout and then I just uploaded it to Blurb for printing .

The whole process was really easy and affordable and I am very happy with the quality of the book .

I hope to make one for every year so that we can have a whole library of photo books of our family . 

 It is amazing to see how much they have grown/learned in the past year .

I totally dropped the ball on the girls' baby books but at least I will have one year of our lives documented for them to look at when they are older . 2012 was a good year :)


Pottery Barn Chair Makeover

I bought eight of these Pottery Barn chairs about 5 years ago . 

They are covered in a neutral linen that held up nicely when they were in our dining room . Now that they have moved into our kitchen they are used on a daily basis and it is starting to show . No major stains yet but it was just a matter of time .

I found this offwhite crocodile vinyl at the the fabric store recently (UFab for anyone local) and knew it would be perfect for my chairs . It has a great subtle pattern that adds texture to the chairs and you can just wipe it down with a wet cloth after every meal . 


I chose a purple velvet for the back panel and I am loving these two fabrics together .

So far I have only recovered two of the chairs and I am not sure what I will do with the others . Upholstery is not my favorite or my best DIY project so I am not planning on recovering all of the chairs right now. I am deciding on a rug for this space and hope to put some sort of bench along the window to mix up the seating at the table . I have been looking for months and haven't come across the right thing yet so I may end up just having a banquette installed . Until then I at least have two kid-proofed chairs at the table so life just got a little easier :) 


Proof that I'll shop anywhere

I am no snob when it comes to design . If I like something, I like it no matter its pedigree . But even I was surprised to be tempted by home goods from . . . Harris Teeter ? ? ? 

Look at this cute little scalloped trash can just hanging out next to the Bounty paper towels

And check out all of these baskets !

I wanted several of them but couldn't fit them all in my cart since the kids were with me . I'm definitely going back soon to pick some up. They had a lot of unique shapes and sizes. Have you come across any good finds in surprising places lately?


And the winner is . . .


Thanks so much for all of your comments and emails on my entryway options . For a while it looked like Option 1 was the clear favorite but in the end Option 3 won your vote . And that is a good thing because it also won my vote !

Like a lot of you, I really liked Option 1. (To be honest I like that chevron print* in every room of my house .) But I bought it specifically to go above the mantel in our living room and it just works there so I had to put it back . I also liked Option 2 but I really wanted more color in this space . Also, like one of the commenter's noted, that set up felt a little too formal for the back door. 

The botanical scroll is from The Evolution Store, the lamp is Barbara Cosgrove and the rest of the items are vintage/thrift finds . 

I started another little project for the kitchen over the weekend . Hopefully I will have pictures to share this week .

*For those of you looking for more info on the chevron print, check back tomorrow for a post on the artist!



We use the back door of our house almost exclusively . The door enters directly into our kitchen and we tend to pile everything in our arms onto the kitchen table as soon as we walk in the door which is annoying when it's time to get food on the table . Over the weekend I finally decided to to carve out a little space for an entryway. We recently moved a wooden chest out of Riley's room and it works perfectly in this spot . The bottom drawer holds all of the kids' shoes, the middle drawer holds dog leashes, etc., and the top drawer holds all of the random JUNK that seems to accumulate at our back door . 

Now that we have storage I need to accessorize . I have worked on a couple of different options and thought it would be fun to get your vote :) 

Option 1 : 

Option 2: 


Option 3 : 


I think I have a favorite but I like elements of all three options . Do you have a preference ? 



How was everyone's holiday? Ours was probably the best one yet. I'm still sad that it is over but it does feel good to get back into the swing of things . As usual at this time of year, I am in the mood to organize and clean . I know it won't last long so I am trying to take advantage of it and I'm starting with the laundry room. 

Thanks to our newest family member I have been spending quite a bit of time in our laundry room lately . 

This is Ivy. I surprised Paul with her for Christmas and she is just about the sweetest puppy ever . That being said, in her brief time with us she has already created several loads of laundry and taken many baths in our utility sink so I have had plenty of opportunity to take notice of our laundry room's shortcomings . 

Who knows how long it will take but I promise to post pics once I finally get this room pulled together . 

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Hope you get to spend your holiday with the ones you love. 

I'll be back soon!



Yesterday was DIY day around here. Riley and I started the day off making cookies so that we had something to snack on while we worked :) 

Once the cookies were done we made gift cards for Riley's teachers . For gifts I decided to keep it simple and picked up a couple of Baggus from JCrew . Riley made thumbprint Santas (Thank you, Pinterest!) and we were all set . 

 While the girls were napping I moved on to my next project - a magnolia leaf table runner garland . 

One of the things I have come to know about Paul after almost 9 years of marriage is that he has a strong aversion to centerpieces . Especially tall ones . So unless I want him shoving everything to the end of the table or putting things on the floor, I needed to come up with something low. Luckily, I have access to one of the biggest magnolia trees I have ever seen . I gathered a bunch of leaves several weeks ago and they have been sitting in a box in the driveway ever since because I HATE making garland . So I came up with a much easier and much faster idea. I grabbed a piece of scrap wood and my staple gun and got to work . 

Less than ten minutes later I was done .

It's obviously more one-dimensional than the inspiration image so I flipped a few of the leaves over and tucked them into the garland to add more texture, color and shape . 

I don't have the whole table planned out yet so I may end up adding more embellishments - greeenery from the yard, ornaments, more candles, etc., or I may keep it simple and plain depending on how much is going on with the rest of the table . I am just happy that I got the look that I wanted without spending hours making garland ! 

We worked on a couple of other crafts too but they aren't ready to show yet . Have you been working on any fun holiday crafts lately ? Only 4 more days !