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Flying by

 How can summer be almost over already ?!? Ours has been one of the best ever which I guess explains why I haven't had much time for blogging . The past few months have been filled with pool days, cupcake dates, weeks at the beach, painting marathons, picnics, polo matches and so much more . 


We also had another birthday around here . Sweet Hayes turned 2 at the end of July . We celebrated with a little pool party . While she didn't seem to enjoy her cake quite as much as last year, I think she still had a pretty good time .

Along with all of the fun I have been working like crazy . I have never taken on so many clients at once and this summer has been incredibly busy for me . Mostly I love it but there have been a few overwhelming days . The past week Riley has been out of school so she has been my design assistant . She loves seeing sites under demolition and taking photos during my meetings with clients . Despite falling asleep on the job the other day,

she makes for a great assistant and I will miss her so much when she starts kindergarten next week . I think several of my projects will wrap up in the fall and I can't wait to share them with you !

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Riley is just so beautiful .. and little Hayes is adorable ! Geez, time flies !! It seems like Riley was just a baby ! Enjoy your last days of Summer !

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