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Finally Feels like Fall


It took us a while to get into the fall spirit this year . Between work and travel it just seemed to sneak up on us . To finally get us in the mood, the girls and I spent the day at a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago . 

I think I need to throw some hay bales in our back yard next year . Seriously, a stack of hay bales can entertain my kids for hours and it is pretty hard to hurt yourself with hay . 

(Hayes doing her best Miley Cyrus impersonation - Lord, help us ! )

Hayes loved this goat . 

And he was pretty fond of her too . 

We did manage to bring home a few pumpkins which definitely kicked off the Halloween excitement around our house . 

And speaking of Halloween, the girls had a blast last night . Riley wanted to be a unicorn and Hayes went along with that idea so I threw together a costume based mostly on this example . Last night I think someone refered to them as Unicornasauruses . Ha . That is a pretty good description . 

We trick or treated in a nearby neighborhood and had a really good time . The girls practically have candy coming out of their ears . I guess I have no choice but to help them eat it : ) 

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