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Yesterday was DIY day around here. Riley and I started the day off making cookies so that we had something to snack on while we worked :) 

Once the cookies were done we made gift cards for Riley's teachers . For gifts I decided to keep it simple and picked up a couple of Baggus from JCrew . Riley made thumbprint Santas (Thank you, Pinterest!) and we were all set . 

 While the girls were napping I moved on to my next project - a magnolia leaf table runner garland . 

One of the things I have come to know about Paul after almost 9 years of marriage is that he has a strong aversion to centerpieces . Especially tall ones . So unless I want him shoving everything to the end of the table or putting things on the floor, I needed to come up with something low. Luckily, I have access to one of the biggest magnolia trees I have ever seen . I gathered a bunch of leaves several weeks ago and they have been sitting in a box in the driveway ever since because I HATE making garland . So I came up with a much easier and much faster idea. I grabbed a piece of scrap wood and my staple gun and got to work . 

Less than ten minutes later I was done .

It's obviously more one-dimensional than the inspiration image so I flipped a few of the leaves over and tucked them into the garland to add more texture, color and shape . 

I don't have the whole table planned out yet so I may end up adding more embellishments - greeenery from the yard, ornaments, more candles, etc., or I may keep it simple and plain depending on how much is going on with the rest of the table . I am just happy that I got the look that I wanted without spending hours making garland ! 

We worked on a couple of other crafts too but they aren't ready to show yet . Have you been working on any fun holiday crafts lately ? Only 4 more days ! 

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Love this idea! Totally practical and pretty - thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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